AirPods Max: Only for Die-Hard Apple Enthusiasts

Air Pods

When it comes to smartphones and cool accessories, Apple leads top-tier phone manufacturers, with its premium gadgets selling like hot cakes despite being too pricey for a majority of the world’s population.

Owning an Apple product has for long been a status symbol and this fuels the sales of all the new products that the tech innovator launches. Every year, Apple releases either new smartphones or upgrades to keep its customer segment engaged. By the end of last year, Apple launched the new AirPods Max, an extravagant but cutting-edge wireless earphone that promises the best there is in sound quality and noise cancellation.

Launched in December last year in India with a price tag of Rs 59,900, the AirPods Max has been a talking point among enthusiasts. In a country that goes for cheap but effective, the AirPods Max look like an unnecessary luxury to splurge on.

Yet, for the richest of the rich and for Apple enthusiasts, AirPods Max is well worth the hype around it. However, with smartphone and gadgets company coming out with wireless earphones of their own and many promoting their affordable but feature-packed wireless earphones, Apple has to be really good with its marketing and segmentation to create a niche for itself in an already saturated market.

While every Apple product comes wrapped with the promise of a premium experience, the AirPods Max promises to give users an incomparable experience with anodised aluminium ear cups, flawless finish, polyurethane-covered stainless steel and knit-mesh headband, and soft foam ear pads. Although the AirPods Max is expensive, its robust built and framework is designed for everyday use. This means that once someone buys the AirPods Max, it will be unnecessary to switch to other earphones.

The AirPods Max comes in five colour variants: Space Grey, a Sky-Blue,  Silver, Green and Pink.

The earphones weigh 385 g which is a lot heavier than earphones offered by those from Apple’s leading competitors such as Sony, Bose and Boat. Although they might feel heavy and inappropriate for everyday use, the design and the premium materials used in it ensures that a user is comfortable enough to use it every day without any strain to the ears or the neck. The earpads are rotatable and detachable because they are magnetic and the headband has a telescoping mechanism that ensures that the AirPods Max fits properly.

The premium earphones come with Type-C-to-Lightning USB cord for charging. The earphones stay in an always-on mode which lets them get paired to a device as soon as they are taken out of their hibernation mode. The AirPods Max works best with Apple devices, and its superior sound quality and noise cancellation can be controlled with a button.

However, it has no power-saving mode and the battery life is also not optimal due to its default modes and battery drains out even in low power mode.

Overall, the AirPods Max is good for those looking to splurge on a luxury gadget and own the latest innovation on the market. For those seeking value for money along with great sound quality, ease of use, good battery life and noise cancellation feature, there are many other affordable alternatives.

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