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Delhi Excise Scam: CBI Claims Irregularities in GoM Meetings

In its second supplementary charge sheet filed in connection with the Delhi Excise Policy scam, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has alleged irregularities in the Group of Ministers (GoM) meetings, saying no records were maintained and that the Excise Commissioner was never invited.

Before Arava Gopi Krishna took charge as the Excise Commissioner in March 2021, there were eight to 10 GoM meetings that were conducted the previous month, according to a CBI source.

But the CBI has alleged that there are no records or minutes of those meetings.

“In February, they held meetings but did not prepare any records or minutes, which suggests something was amiss. Later when Arava Gopi Krishna became the Excise Commissioner on March 5, 2021, he was never invited to any GoM meetings that took place after his appointment. Both these facts indicate that something was wrong,” said the source.

The CBI had sought this information from the Excise Department but they weren’t given and later the the central probe agency learnt about the fact that they didn’t prepare any record, the source added.

The CBI probe established that no decision was taken to incorporate any provision in GoM report in any of those meetings.

“Furthermore, the mentioned meetings did not involve any discussion regarding the wholesale model. Additionally, no examination or analysis was conducted regarding the 12 per cent profit margin for wholesalers (L-1 licensees) or the definition of related entities. It has also come to light that the Excise Department was neither consulted nor provided with a draft of the GoM report,” a CBI source said citing the charge sheet.

The CBI has so far filed two charge sheets in the matter. Investigation is currently ongoing.

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