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Naveen Launches Dashboard to Power Data-Driven Decision Making

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Thursday rolled out the State Dashboard, a data and analytics-powered platform which will streamline performance monitoring of government schemes, aiding data-driven decision making.

Launching the dashboard, Patnaik said, “Technology has been the fulcrum of our governance model. We will continue to use the best of technology to improve the effectiveness of governance and bring transparency in public services.”

“The launch of the integrated Dashboard will carry forward the 5T governance model (transparency, teamwork, technology, timeliness, transformation). It will facilitate seamless data-driven decision-making to ensure time-bound outcomes aligned with our 5T governance model,” he added.

The State Dashboard consists of three critical components – CM Dashboard, Department Dashboard, and Administrative Action Monitoring Portal. The application appraises the performance of different administrative departments on 5T parameters, officials said.

The features of the CM Dashboard include Key Performance Indicators based performance monitoring, and a visual display of progress for timely decision-making.

It showcases 30 different dashboards from 16 departments currently, with a plan to add more subsequently. It leverages the power of visualisation and advanced analytics to appraise the performance of the departments and their schemes.

Besides monitoring the government schemes, the CM Dashboard offers actionable metrics on the progress of the schemes to the highest decision-making authority.

The Dashboard will enable citizens to access public information with ease on policies, budget allocations and public expenditures. It will also provide the citizens with access to government services and resources.

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