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Those Against ‘Triple Talaq’ Law are Against Muslim Women: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday reiterated that those opposing the ‘triple talaq’ law enacted by the Centre are “against the Muslim women” of the country.

PM Modi said had ‘triple talaq’ been an inseparable tenet of Islam, then why

Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh or any other Islamic country do not have the concept?

“Some of the Muslim populated countries had enacted laws to ban triple talaq years back.

Prime Minister Modi made the observation during a dialogue session with booth

workers of the BJP at Bhopal’s Motilal Nehru stadium. He advised BJP workers to reach out to Muslim women and tell them who are destroying their lives.

“Wherever I go, several Muslim express their gratitude for banning the draconian rule of triple talaq. You (booth workers) should go to their areas to speak in a manner that you are with them. They will accept you,” PM Modi said.

Meanwhile, he also spoke about Uniform Civil Code (UCC) stating that “today people are being instigated in the name of UCC. How can the country run on two (laws)? The Constitution also talks of equal rights…Supreme Court has also asked to implement UCC. These (Opposition) people are playing vote bank politics,” he added.

Batting for UCC, PM Modi asked whether different rules apply to different

family members. “I feel we should study this subject. I feel those who support triple

talaq are doing vote bank politics of appeasement. They are doing injustice to our

Muslim daughters. Triple talaq does not only affect Muslim daughters. Imagine the

situation of the family who marries off their daughter and she comes back after

10 years. Triple talaq destroys the entire family,” the PM stated.

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