Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his monthly ‘Mann Ki Baat’ remembered Group Captain Varun Singh, who was piloting the helicopter which crashed and led to the death of Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and 12 others. Varun Singh too succumbed to the injuries a few days later.

The Prime Minister said, “When Varun was in the hospital, I saw something on social media that touched my heart. He was given Shaurya Chakra in August just this year. After this honour, he had written a letter to the principal of his school. He wanted the lives of the students of the school that he studied in should also be a celebration. In his letter, Varun Singh ji did not boast of his valour; instead he referred to his failures. He talked about how he converted his shortcomings into abilities.”

While cautioning people about the Omicron threat, the PM said, “We also have to keep in mind that a new variant of #Corona has already knocked at the door. Our experience of the last two years is that our own effort as a citizen is very important to defeat this global pandemic.”

Modi said, “We have to learn so much, innovate, achieve new goals, therefore, we will have to persevere without wasting even a moment. Our dreams will be such that development of our society and country is connected, our progress will open the way for the progress of the country and for this, we have to start working from today, without wasting a single moment, without losing a single particle or resource.”

The Prime Minister said that in the new year every person, every organisation, should take a resolution to do something better, to become better in the coming year.

He said, “In these seven years, while doing #MannKiBaat, I could also have discussed achievements of the government, you too would have liked it; you would have appreciated it as well! But it is my experience of decades, that away from the glare of the media, there are millions of people who are doing great things.”

“This is the strength of the people; it is because of everyone’s effort that India could fight the biggest pandemic in 100 years. We stood by each other like a family in every difficult moment,” said Modi.

The Prime Minister also played ‘Vande Matram’ rendered by students from a High School at Illia, Greece. “The beauty and emotion with which they have sung ‘Vande Mataram’ is amazing and commendable. Such efforts bring people of two countries closer. My greetings to these students of Greece and their teachers. I appreciate their effort,” he said.

He mentioned a startup working for pure water,” I have come to know about a start-up named Saaf Water which has been started by some youth. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things, it will give information related to purity and quality of water in their area to people.”

The PM also mentioned the efforts of Sagar Mule of Goa, who is involved in saving centuries old ‘Kaavi’ paintings from extinction. ‘Kaavi’ form of painting covers the ancient history of India.

Modi said there is a growing interest in the world to know about Indian culture. People from different countries are not only curious to know about the culture but are also helping to spread it. One such person is Serbian Scholar Dr. Momir Nikic.