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Male Cheetah Tejas Dies at Kuno in 7th Death Over Past 5 Months

Yet another African cheetah died at Kuno National Park (KNP) of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday – the seventh so far, officials said.

A Forest Department official said male cheetah Tejas died in a territorial fight with another within the KNP enclosure.

As per the official report, a monitoring team discovered injury markings on the upper part of the neck of the cheetah at around 11 a.m. and it succumbed to its injuries at around 2 pm.

“Monitoring team discovered injury markings on the upper part of the neck of a male cheetah named Tejas (Boma number 6). The monitoring team immediately informed the wildlife veterinarians present at the Palpur headquarters. The wildlife veterinarians went to the scene and examined Tejas the cheetah, finding the injuries to be severe upon initial observation,” the MP Forest Department said in a statement.

It further said a team of veterinarians was dispatched to the location with the necessary preparations to render first aid and treat Tejas.

“Unfortunately, Tejas was found dead at the scene. Further investigation is being conducted regarding the cause of the injuries sustained by Tejas. The post mortem examination will determine the cause of death,” it added.

The cheetah death came a day after two more cheetahs were released into the wild enclosure at the KNP in Sheopur district.

On Monday, two male cheetahs, Prabhash and Pavak, were released into the wild enclosure, Divisional Forest Officer P K Verma told the press.

A total of seven cheetahs, including Tejas, have died so far at the KNP since 20 African cheetahs were introduced in Madhya Pradesh.

Twelve more cheetahs — seven males and five females — were brought to the KNP from South Africa on February 18 this year.

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