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Rahul in US: BJP, RSS Have Habit of Looking Backward, Blaming Someone for Past

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi intensified his attack on the BJP-led Central government, saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP and the RSS have a habit of looking back and they never think about future and will always blame someone for the past.

He also took indirect swipe at the BJP government over Odisha’s Balasore train tragedy on Sunday, saying that if a Congress Minister would have been in power, he would have taken moral responsibility for the mishap and would have resigned.

Addressing the gathering in New York at the Javits Center, Rahul said, “Back home we have a problem. BJP and the RSS are incapable of looking at the future. You ask them anything and they then look backward. Ask them why train met accident, then they will say it happened during Congress too. When you ask why periodic table removed from books, then they will say Congress did this 60 years ago. They have habit of looking backward.”

Citing an example, the Congress leader added: “All of you came here from your car, just imagine if the only thing you did was to look in the rear view mirror while driving, then you would have met accident.”

“That is the phenomena of Modi. He is trying to drive the Indian car and always looks in rear view mirror and then he does not understand why this car is crashing and not moving forward. And it is same idea with the BJP, RSS, you listen to their Ministers. You will never find them talk about the future, they will always talk about the past. And they will always blame somebody for the past,” he said taking a swipe at the BJP.

Rahul added: “A train accident happened during the Congress government and our party did not get up and say that now it is the fault of the British that the train has crashed.”

He said, “The Congress Minister would have said that it is my moral responsibility and I am resigning.”

His remarks over the train accident came hours after he demanded the resignation of Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw for the horrific train accident on Friday evening in Balasore in which more than 275 people lost their lives.

The Congress leader also said: “This is the problem back at home that we make excuses and that we are not accepting the reality that we are facing, which is unemployment numbers.”

Indian Overseas Congress Secretary Virendra Vashisth said that before Rahul’s address to the Indian diaspora here, all the leaders and people observed one-minute silence for the victims of the Balasore train tragedy.

Rahul is on a six-day visit to the US. He has addressed several programmes and also attended several meetings in cities of San Francisco and Washington.

His remarks on the BJP government has created furore back at home.

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