Big B Talks About Pedalling from Delhi to Chandigarh for College Admission

Bollywood’s legendary icon Amitabh Bachchan has opened up on his struggle to find admission in the college, and shared how he travelled to Chandigarh on a bicycle from Delhi, in order to get an admission in a university.

In episode 66 of the quiz based reality show, host Amitabh welcomed Shaikh Ajmat from Balasore, Odisha to the hot seat.

During the episode, Big B asked the contestant: “Alright. Shaikh Sir, you’re a teacher. You teach kids. What’s the subject?”

Contestant said: “Sir, I teach everything but I enjoy teaching mathematics and geography. And I believe that children find mathematics to be tough. So, I try to find new tricks and entertaining ideas so that kids don’t find it to be a burden.”

The contestant then displayed an interesting mathematical trick on a white board, leaving Amitabh amazed with his skills.

The actor went on to say, “where were you in 1956? I was studying maths and didn’t know this. Had you been there, I would’ve learned something. I think you weren’t even born. I’m saying so because I don’t understand math.”

“I took up BSc in university. As I wasn’t getting admission elsewhere. I went to a couple of more places. I didn’t get admission in Delhi. So, someone told me that I might get it in Chandigarh. So, I went to Chandigarh on a cycle from Delhi. It didn’t take me long to cycle. I boarded the bus to Chandigarh and hung on the backside. And it dragged me all the way and I finally reached it. Then I got admission in Delhi in BSc,” said the ‘Don’ actor.

The actor added: “The first lecture for 45 minutes made me realise that I made a blunder. Science is a terrifying subject. So, I suffered for three years and then that book… What’s it called? A guide book. I memorised it and somehow became a graduate. But I don’t remember anything. So, had I found you then I would’ve probably been guided well.”

‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 15’ airs on Sony.

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