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Israel-Hamas War: IDF Enters Al-Shifa Hospital Compound to Provide Incubators, Food

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) entered the Al-Shifa hospital compound early Wednesday morning, a statement from the IDF said.

The IDF in the statement said that it is carrying out precise and targeted operations against Hamas terrorists in specified areas inside the Al-Shifa hospital.

The statement also added that the IDF has received inputs from the Military Intelligence and have entered the hospital with proper inputs.

The Israeli Army also said that it has reached the hospital with medical teams and Arabic speakers who have been given specific training on the inside, outside of the Al- Shifa hospital

The IDF said that it is conducting operation inside the hospital taking into account the presence of civilians, including patients in the hospital.

The IDF is expected to transfer incubators, baby food and other medical equipment inside the hospital.

Gaza’s Health Ministry has also intimated the people of imminent IDF raids inside the hospital complex on Wednesday morning.

The IDF has been alleging that Hamas has been using the Al-Shifa hospital complex as its terror command centre and that several underground tunnel networks of the terror outfit has entrance from the hospital.

The Israeli army has been alleging that the Al- Shifa hospital was acting as a major centre for terror operatives.

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