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Terror Reign of Wasseypur Gangster Prince Khan Continues Unabated

Gangster Prince Khan of Wasseypur in Jharkhand’s Dhanbad has emerged as a new challenge for the police in the region due to his frequent threats to businessmen, traders, officials, police officers and politicians, apart from his alleged involvement in several killings.

In one of his latest video messages, he threatened a member of the influential ‘Singh Mansion’ — BJP leader Ragini Singh, warning her to not to make any political interferences in “other matters”.

‘Singh Mansion’ was the residence of Suryadeo Singh, said to be the “most powerful strongman” in the Dhanbad coalfields region from 70s till the 90s.

Ragini is the wife of former legislator Sanjeev Singh, who is currently in jail in connection with a murder case.

Recently, at a press conference, she accused Jharia MLA Purnima Neeraj Singh (Congress) of providing protection to Prince Khan.

In fact, Khan’s latest video emerged after the claims made at the press conference.

He warned Ragini Singh not to make any remarks against him otherwise he will “freshen up the memories of 70s and 80s”.

Khan said a similar situation would be brought back when her father-in-law (Suryadeo Singh) “used to move in some areas in a discreet manner”.

Last week, on late Tuesday, his henchmen opened fire at the residence of a coal trader, Bunty Singh, in Dhanbad. In a note, it was warned that Singh along with his family will be eliminated if he does not pay the extortion amount of Rs 1 crore.

Khan has also issued threats to two strongmen of Uttar Pradesh — Brajesh Singh and Dharmpal Yadav, saying “they should be told this is Dhanbad, not UP. Whether you pick one coal weighing 1 kg or one tonne, you will have to pay”.

Over 12 incidents of firing by Khan’s henchmen have been reported in the last one and a half years.

A few months ago, Khan had claimed responsibility for the firing at coal trader, Pappu Mandal’s house in Dhanbad.

Last year, in May, the police arrested five of his henchmen in connection with the gunning down of W. Ansari.

In 2021, his henchmen had killed a Wasseypur-based businessman, Nanhey Khan.

Prince Khan, in one of his videos, had challenged the Dhanbad Senior Superintendent of Police.

Last year, the police recovered a currency counting machine from his house that was also sealed. Later, his father surrendered to the police.

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