COVID-19 Virus Just Like A Multi-Headed Hydra

According to Netflix documentary series ‘Explained’, scientists around the world had been anticipating the global outbreak of a deadly virus such as COVID-19 for quite some years.

Scientists and health experts know that viruses are extremely prone to mutations, which makes them highly unstable. This increases the risk of them being pathogenically active. Coronavirus is a group of viruses out of which many streams are pathogenic. Even though the stream in question, COVID 19, was only recently discovered, it will not be the last pandemic outbreak in human history.

As scientists continue to research about coronavirus, medical researchers have found new variants of COVID-19. Seven mild forms of the currently active COVID-19 virus have been detected by a collaborative team of scientists and researchers which included medical researchers from the Medical University of Vienna in Austria.

Based on the new findings, it also claims that the existing COVID-19 virus leaves the human immune system compromised and changed even after 10 weeks of detection of the initial infection.

Scientists around the world have been working tirelessly towards discovering a COVID-19 vaccine, and the discovery of these crucial facts about the novel coronavirus will be instrumental in determining the accuracy of the vaccine by aiding more detailed study of the COVID 19 virus and its associated strains.

Led by immunologist Winfried F Picki and Rudolf Valenta, the team of medical researchers had gathered 109 convalescents and 98 healthy participants for a medical survey. During the study of these people and their immunity system, the scientists discovered that there are 7 mild forms of COVID-19. The set of symptoms for these different forms of COVID-19 are high fever, recurrent chills and persistent cough. These flu-like symptoms are accompanied by common cold symptoms such as running nose, congestion and body pains. Sometimes eye and mucosal inflammation also occur in patients. Associated gastrointestinal disorders and pneumonia are also very prevalent in the set of symptoms of mild COVID-19.

Loss of sense and smell are also common among COVID-19 patients. These symptoms are usually seen in individuals with a young or vulnerable immune system.

It is also seen that the blood composition of COVID-19 patients remains altered even after they have been cured. Traces of the virus and its antigens are still present in the body and the immune system cells are still engaged in a battle with COVID-19. This is bad news as it could lead to autoimmunity.

The good news is that according to the new findings of the study, the human body strengthens its immune system while fighting against the COVID-19 virus and those who survive from it, might be majorly immune to COVID-19 and other associated diseases in future.

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