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PM Modi: Opposition Unity for Fear of Jail

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday hit out at the Opposition saying that they are uniting only to escape jail.

He said that each leader who was part of the meeting in Patna is facing corruption charges.

Addressing a public rally at Motilal Nehru stadium in Bhopal, Modi said a new word has been created — guarantee, and termed ‘guarantee’ as “corruption and scams.”

“Their (Opposition) guarantee is corruption and scams. Each leader present in the meeting has a ‘guarantee’ of scams of Rs. 20,000 crore and the Congress itself has the ‘guarantee’ of scams of several lakh crores. Some of them are out on bail and are sharing their jail experiences,” Modi said.

Responding to a query of a BJP worker on the Opposition meet, Modi said, “They are in fear that they may have to go to jail. This is the only reason that they are trying to mislead people ahead of the elections,” he said.

He said that if the Opposition has a ‘guarantee of corruption’, he has the ‘guarantee of sending all of them to jail.’

“Today, I am also giving one guarantee to the people of India. People who are involved in corruption will be sent to jail. Those who have cheated poor people and have minted huge sums of money for their personal benefit will face tough action from the investigating agencies,” Modi said.

In Bhopal, Modi for the first time spoke about the Opposition’s Patna meeting. He was on a four-day state visit to the US when the Opposition meeting took place on June 23.

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