‘Delhi Crime’ Brings Emmy Glory to India

The Nirbhaya case in December 2012 not only shook the entire nation but highlighted Delhi as the crime capital of India. From the United Nation to human rights organizations around the world, the Delhi gang rape case was condemned everyone who learnt of it.

Such was the infuriating drama in the Nirbhaya case, that many filmmakers and producers picked up the gauntlet of presenting on screen the sad and gruesome details of the case and the events that followed the heinous crime. From documentaries to fictionalized versions of the case or parallel stories inspired from the true incident, the Nirbhaya story has been told many a time.

But none has been as successful as the Netflix special ‘Delhi Crime’, which is a fictionalised version of the 2012 rape case, starring Shefali Shah in the lead role as the deputy high commissioner and the investigative officer on the case. The Indian web series has recently bagged an Emmy for being adjudged the best Drama series at the 48th International Emmy Awards. The Emmy Awards are internationally acclaimed and regarded as the highest award for International TV and Media entertainment.

Delhi Crime is a seven-part series, written and directed by Richie Mehta. The series focuses on the events unfolding after the rape incident, particularly on the investigation and subsequent findings of the police regarding the case. The series has been narrated from a police point of view, showcasing the challenges the police faced during the investigation process and highlighting their sincere efforts in unravelling the truths about the case.

The presence of strong female characters, played by Shah and Rasika Dugal, along with an ensemble of brilliant actors who ably support the narrative, makes the series worth watching. Released in March, ‘Delhi Crime’ received rave reviews for its brilliant writing, acting performances and direction.

The Canadian film director, who helmed the series with his writing and direction, dedicated the Emmy to the Delhi Gang Rape victim and her mother. He stated that the film was a tribute to every woman who endured years of violence at the hands of men and still stood strong.

The Emmy win came as a big surprise for the cast and crew of the series. Sharing her excitement on social media with a clip in which the winner for the Best Drama series of 2020 at the Emmys was announced, Shah was seen screaming “Oh My God!” as her first reaction to the news. The win not only elated the cast and crew of the series but also brought in congratulatory wishes for the team from the Indian film and entertainment industry as well as entertainers around the world.

It is ironic that a gruesome story of crime from the national capital of India and the fight to give justice to the victim has brought India laurels even if as a fictional depiction.

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