India Finally Ready for 5G Boost This Year


The Covid-19 pandemic has been the biggest disruption in recent times and, like all disruptions, it has brought about many changes in the society. The biggest has been the way people interact and communicate as new norms of social distancing have put personal interactions on the backburner for everyone. As virtual interactions gain ground, the need for faster and better communication technology has become increasingly evident.  Advanced communication technology is what kept people connected during the difficult times of pandemic and the importance of digital connectivity has thus been well and truly realised this year.


As the world steps into a new year, newer innovations and advances in the field of communication are waiting to be tapped. The one that will be raising the standards of high-speed communication is 5G technology. The introduction of 5G technology has been long pending in India but it is all set to become a reality this year.


In 2020, 4G networks and digital data services kept the world going as people depended on the internet for nearly everything from communication to e-retail to education to banking. The pandemic might have kept people inside the four walls of their homes, but it opened up advanced avenues of communication for them.


The new year will be the age of 5G, an upgrade over 4G technology that will support and speed up various activities around the globe. As focus shifts from traditional work spaces to remote workspaces with collaborative outlook, 5G will be crucial as a support system for businesses and enterprises.


The Department of Telecommunications has made it clear that 5G spectrum auctions will be initiated soon, which indicates that the government is proactively working towards the adoption of 5G technology for administrative purposes. Once 5G is introduced in the country, the high-speed data services will be soon extended for public use.


The initiation process for the establishment of 5G services infrastructure will be a financially demanding one for most of the telecom service providers of the country, but the government will be putting up the auction so that it can be introduced in India sooner.


The Indian government forged international partnerships for the development and establishment of 5G services infrastructure in the country in 2020. The year 2021 will be when these efforts will reach their culmination. 5G will be enhancing business and work models for better and faster results and will have a big positive impact on the lifestyle of Indians.


5G will certainly boost the economy. The rollout of the services is happening at the right time as the economy is undergoing a phase of recovery. 5G services will be a great support for the year of tremendous economic growth that 2021 promises to be for India. Top officials are hopeful that introduction of 5G technology in India will be like a scaffolding for government initiatives of Digital India, Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India.


There is no doubt that the 5G technology will lay the foundation for future-ready networks that drive India through different parameters of progress in a digitally advanced world.

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