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Kabul Recalls All Diplomats from Islamabad After Abduction of Envoy’s Daughter in Pak

Following the abduction of the Afghan Ambassador’s daughter in Pakistan, the Afghan leadership has called back the envoy and senior diplomats from Pakistan until all security threats are addressed, including the arrest and trial of the perpetrators of abduction.

An Afghan delegation will visit Pakistan soon to assess and follow up on the case and all related issues and subsequent actions will follow based on the findings.

On July 17, the Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of Pakistan to Kabul, Mansoor Ahmad Khan, and lodged a strong protest over the abduction of the daughter of Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Islamabad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked Khan to convey the strong protest and deep concerns of the Government of Afghanistan to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of Pakistan about this grave incident.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explicitly called on the Pakistani government to take immediate action to identify and punish the perpetrators of this crime and ensure the full security and immunity of Afghan diplomats and their families in accordance with international conventions,” a statement said.

Silsila Alikhil was abducted for several hours in Islamabad on July 16, and was released after being tortured.

Earlier, Afghanistan stated that on July 16, the daughter of the Afghan Ambassador to Islamabad Silsila Alikhil, was abducted for several hours and severely tortured by unknown individuals on her way home.

After being released from the kidnappers’ captivity, Alikhil is under medical care at the hospital.

“The MoFA strongly condemns this heinous act and expresses its deep concern over the safety and security of diplomats, their families, and staff members of the Afghan political and consular missions in Pakistan,” it said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Pakistan government to take immediate necessary actions to ensure full security of the Afghan Embassy and Consulates as well as the immunity of the country’s diplomats and their families in accordance with international treaties and conventions.

“While the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs is following the matter with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, we urge the Pakistani government to identify and prosecute the perpetrators at the soonest possible time,” it said.

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