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Time for Pills: Ayurveda Reinvents its Role in Resisting Diseases

The ongoing Global Ayurveda Festival (GAF) has reinforced the unique role of Ayurveda in dealing with diseases by coming out with tablets instead of concoctions for major health issues like heart ailment, diabetes, thyroid and ovary issues.

Oral pills capable of checking hypertension owing to heart ailments and cholesterol formed the main attraction for visitors at the fifth GAF, which began on Friday.

The highly-effective herbal medicines have been developed by a range of manufacturers from small-time to leading firms.

The tablets work towards decreasing cardiac complications by controlling the presence of fat in blood vessels, thus containing high blood pressure that typically triggers hypertension.

However, the medicines are relatively less sought in the market. “This is because people believe that one has to go by a strict diet and other regimens for Ayurveda medicines to be effective,” said Dr A. Sindhu Vice-President of the Medical Research Wing of the Coimbatore-based Ayurveda Pharmacy.

Vaidyaratnam Group Senior Marketing Manager Sreejith Unni said that the recent researches have helped the manufacturers convert medicines in the form of tablets, extending their shelf life.

Dr Anoop Rajan of Kottakkal Ayurveda Hospital said that the Ayurvedic tablets can be consumed along with allopathic medicines without compromising efficacy.

“At least ten leading studies from across the globe have shown the vitality of herbal ingredients in improving the results in the treatment of major diseases,” said Rajan.

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