US Electoral College Tally Confirms Biden Won Fair and Square

Putting all the allegations raised by US President Donald Trump to rest, the Unites States Electoral College has confirmed that Joe Biden will be the next President of the country. With its vote tally, the Electoral College has put a stamp of ratification on the President Elect’s November victory and silenced the noise of denial rising from the Trump camp.

Biden was given a majority of 306 votes by the presidential electors, while Trump secured 232 votes, giving the former the same margin of victory that the latter secured four years ago.

The presidential electors from across the various states of the country met under heightened security, with proper COVID-19 guidelines in place, to cast the paper ballot. The ballots will be sent to Washington DC and tallied by the joint session of Congress. The electoral votes were also clear in their judgement, declaring Biden as America’s next President, as they also followed the same trend as the popular vote held last month. With the Electoral College siding with Biden, Trump’s claims of electoral fraud ring embarrassingly empty. Biden surpassed Trump in popular votes by securing 7 million votes more than him on Election Day, and emerged as the decisive winner in electoral votes.

After the confirmation of his victory, Biden said in his address to the nation that even though democracy in the US was pushed, tested and threatened, it made a strong and resilient comeback by upholding the people’s mandate. In his speech, the President-Elect emphasized the scale of his win by thanking the 81 million voters who voted for him. Biden also reiterated his electoral campaign promise of being a people’s president, taking every American with him on the path to national progress.

Inheriting a crisis-ridden country from his predecessor, Biden has been honest with his countrymen about the hard work that awaits them in future. He has the task of making America overcome its economic problems and a raging pandemic while battling long-standing issues of racial discrimination and white supremacy.

Even as America prepares to accept Biden as its next leader, President Trump refuses to accept his defeat and continues to raise fraud allegations against his successor.

It was reported that the President called in all his close aides during the Electoral Tally while keeping a close watch on the running tally. The President was allegedly caught fretting about the attention that the electoral tally was getting even though he himself was glued to the television to keep track of the decisive tally.

Meanwhile, one of President Trump’s most loyal advocates, Stephen Miller, made various TV appearances to undermine the Electoral College vote.

But now, come what may, the world will see President Biden sitting at the Oval Office next month.

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